Kucuk Esnaf Lighting Manufacturing is a family-owned business established in 2000. As we continue our father’s journey, we continue to diversify our products while increasing our manufacturing capacity.

Our lamps are of excellent quality. You can immediately see the marks of our experts where they have shaped the metal parts of our lamps with their skillful and creative hands. Our artists are the key to creating our newest designs. Our traditional mosaic glass designs are products of Turkish artisans who cut the colorful glass pieces and attach them individually. Once the metal bases have been completed, they are paired and assembled with their respective glass shades in our factory. We are capable of wiring our lamps to suit any countries voltage system. We also have all necessary certificates and match all standards. Our personal attention to each order is what makes us such stellar sources for our clients. We have been exporting our lamps worldwide for the last 20 years including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan just to name a few. Our goal is to consistently improve our procedures, our products and our facilities to continuously provide our Turkish mosaic lamps and our cultural themes around the world. We product various lamp sizes and designs that ensure that you can comfortably gift to anyone.

We are happy to produce custom lamps in design and color for cafes, restaurants, hotels and homes.